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Hello everyone!

Hi everyone, I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year! Live goes on and so it does for this site, I will try to update my site atleast once a month(maybe a little more often). There are a lot of things that I would like to do and one of them is a game site, where you will be able to play some funny and tricky games I hope that it will work out as I think it will!
Well lets just wait and see!

But now, back to my older updates:

My Fastball site is finally completed, so if you like Fastball (band) or just got curiosity, then please visit My Fastball site, where you can see all of their videos (even their latest one), see all of their songs, learn guitar tabs, listen to songs, visit their official site and many other great things!
So please enjoy my first Fastball site!!!

Please note:
I can't really remember all of the new things that I have done or "upgraded" here on my site, so I'm just going to tell you about the most important once!
My secret project that I was talking about in my last upgrade was Karaoke that you may see here on my mainpage, now I also updated it! I also "updated" my Phantasy star site, so I really recommend that you see it!

Don't forget to visit my postcard service on my site, where you can send your favorite animations to your friends and a Contact me site, where you can mail me an e-mail without using Outlook Express. (I will be happy to receive e-mails from you!)

Don't forget to add your site (if you have one) to my free for all links and if you want to have some fun, visit Daily Cartoon that I have on my site. If you want to get a free e-mail address, then why don't you visit my alexandermail and get one just like mine (!

Last update: 26 February

That's me!

Hi everyone, I am Alexander Peterson and I welcome you to my "Alexander's Homepage", hope you enjoy your stay!


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